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hilary duff


cod, potatoes, and herbs

You Can Pull Off This Fancy Looking Cod Dish For Dinner In Just 35 Minutes

Go ahead, impress yourself.

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resistance band challenge

This Mini Resistance Band Challenge Will Transform Your Body And Strength In 30 Days

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Just 63 Photos Of Trooping The Colour, The Most Extra British Royal Tradition

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sneaker awards

Drumroll, Please! The 2022 Women’s Health Sneaker Awards Winner Are Here

By Caitlin Carlson, Jacqueline Andriakos and Photographed by Jeffrey Westbrook
Mar 31, 2022
young woman doing a facial treatment at a spa

Here's What To Expect From A Glycolic Acid Peel, Say Experts

best powder sunscreens of 2022

12 Best Powder Sunscreens, Say Experts

sunscreen sensitive skin

13 Best Sunscreens For Sensitive Skin

Nail care, Nail, Cosmetics, Material property, Manicure, Finger,

'Press-Ons Are My Secret to Healthier Nails'

close up of woman's hands with lots of gold rings and painted nails

30 Coffin Nail Designs For Your Next Manicure


youngmi mayer

‘Rediscovering What It Means To Date As An Asian Woman’: Covid And Anti-AAPI Hate Made Dating Worse

Comedian Youngmi Mayer on the humor and the horror of dating during Covid and AAPI hate.

preview for 15-Minute Upper-Body Workout With Dumbbells From Kara Liotta

This ‘Habit Stacking’ Tip Will Help You Actually Stick To A Workout Routine

We asked five trainers for their best fitness tips of all time.

By Erin Warwood
Nov 25, 2021
preview for How Lunar And Solar Eclipses Affect Your Astrology

May 2022's Full Flower Moon and Lunar Eclipse In Scorpio Will Have You Feeling Moonstruck

soledad o'brien

Soledad O'Brien’s ‘Matter of Fact Listening Tour’ Sparks Conversations on Racial Equity

Meet Azza Gadir, The Vaccine Whisperer

Immunologist Azza Gadir volunteers her time doing one-on-one Zoom calls with vax-hesitant folks, and has a 97 percent success rate in convincing them to get the shot. Listen in on her conversation with a vax-wary mother, and arm yourself with her toolkit for your own calm, shame-free, evidence-based exchange.

may 2022 horoscope

Your May 2022 Horoscope Is Here, And Mercury Is Going Retrograde Early This Month

Dun dun dunnnnn.

By Jacqueline Tempera