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42 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas Every New Mom And Dad Needs And Will Actually Love

Trust, they'll use every single thing on this list.

baby shower gifts
Sarah Leituala

Shopping for adults is fun, but it's a trip down the baby aisle that can really get you in your feels. That's why finding a fun and unique baby shower gift can be a welcome task. Many new moms and dads have already built a registry list, which means that most of the time, you won't have to play a guessing game.

On the off chance that you've been left to your own devices and don't know what to buy for the soon-to-be parent in your life (or, you're building your own baby shower registry and need some ideas), you'll find tons of sweet, sentimental gift ideas on this list.

And, guess what? These recommendations come from actual new parents who have left glowing reviews of the products below. On it, you'll find everything a new parent needs, from diaper bags to actual diapers and all the new parent-approved, heartfelt mementos in between. See below for the 42 best baby shower gift ideas for new parents.

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1 Handprint and Footprint Makers Kit
Bubzi Co

Any new parent will tell ya—the first year flies by, and those tiny feet and hands will soon be big enough to hold on to bottles and toddler toys. This gift is a way for any new parents to have a forever reminder of just how little those fingers and toes were.

2 Multi-Motion Baby Swing

For those moments in which the new parents' hands are too tied up to manually sway her baby, this motion swing will do. It's bluetooth-enabled, plays soothing sounds, and features five unique motions, like 'car ride' and 'tree swing.'

3 Gift Card

Name a gift card holder cuter than this one? Since a new parent has endless expenses, from diapers to new onesies, there's no way you can go wrong with a monetary gift.

4 Bath Discovery Gift Set
Johnson's Baby

This caddy has all the essentials parents will need for baby bath time—and every product is hypoallergenic to keep a baby's sensitive skin in mind. The package includes baby lotion, tear-free body wash and shampoo, hand and face wipes, cotton safety swabs, and diaper rash cream.

5 Indi Diaper Backpack
Dagne Dover

After becoming a mom, it's nearly impossible to just grab the keys and go out the door in a flash. You can't forgot your diaper bag. This one has space for wipes, rash cream, and even a laptop.

6 SoundSpa Lullaby Projection
Now 19% off

Parents will love anything to soothe a crying baby, like this sound machine that features ambient noise, like a heartbeat and ocean waves, or lullabies like 'Twinkle Twinkle." The machine can also project colorful images on the ceiling.

7 Activity Gym
Skip Hop

Trust, this activity gym can keep any baby mesmerized for hours and hours—perfect for when parents need to keep their baby distracted while tackling house chores.

8 Microwave Sterilizer
Dr. Browns

Any parent with a new baby knows that bottle-washing is a never-ending chore. This microwave steam sterilizer can make the task a little easier. It can hold up to four bottles.

9 Baby Bottle Warmer
Philips Avent

This baby bottle warmer can heat up to five ounces of milk in as little as three minutes. It also comes in handy for defrosting breast milk and baby food.

10 Market Swaddle Blankets
Aden + Anais Essentials

ICYDK, babies spit up a lot. So, it's nice to have a reserve of blankets on hand, in case baby has a little hiccup. This four-pack can be used for swaddling or as a changing table cover.

11 Baby Gift Set
Baby Box Shop

This cute gift set comes with everything you need to put a smile on a soon-to-be mom's face: A cute keepsake box, teddy bear, matching bodysuit, little booties, and more.

12 Deluxe+ Stage 1 Dock

Need something to keep baby comfy during park dates or days spent lounging in the yard? This plush docking stage will help. It's lightweight, easy to travel with, and designed to mimic the feel of the womb.

13 Diapers

When in doubt, get diapers. Seriously, any parent will run through hundreds of them in their child's early years, and while it may seem like a simple gift—trust me. The parents will appreciate it.

14 0-6 Months Infant Toys
Now 23% off

This toy set features 10 fun pieces, all safe for infants to play with. Each toy is made from non-toxic materials, has smooth polished edges, and is big enough so as not to present a choking hazard.

15 Dream Sock Baby Monitor and HD Camera

The ultimate smart tech for any parents, the Owlet Dream Duo, allows you to monitor a baby's sleep pattern, heart rate, and oxygen level. It also comes with a camera that allows you to stream a live feed of your baby.

16 Bedside Bassinet

Contrary to popular belief, a new baby's crib doesn't need to be assembled before the baby arrives. So, get the parents a bassinet they can use to put their new baby to sleep before they transition them to a crib.

17 Anti-Colic Baby Bottle Gift Set
Dr. Brown's
Now 11% off

If you're throwing a care package together as your baby shower gift, don't forget to throw a few bottles in there. Endless baby feedings will make these come in handy.

18 Classic Pacifier Clips
Pretty Please Teethers

Help the new parents avoid playing detective in the never-ending cases of "The Missing Pacifier" with these handmade clips. They're made with a combination of soft silicone and smooth, all-natural beechwood beads.

19 Baby Memory Book
RubyRoo Baby
Now 19% off

The chaos of a baby's first year can make it hard to record memories outside of the millions of photos on their phone. This book will guide new parents through photo and writing prompts, so they have sentimental, detailed memories of their baby's first year.

20 Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket
Pondering Pine

You've seen the photo ops on social media. Every new parent needs a monthly milestone blanket. It's like an unspoken rule, so there you go—the simple baby shower gift that keeps on giving.

21 Short-Sleeve Bodysuits
Amazon Essentials

Here's another item new parents can't have enough of. Messy babies run though a million onesies, so it's worth keeping the bodysuit drawer stacked with a ton of cute options.

22 Ready Rocker
Ready Rocker

For those days when mom or dad just needs a break, help them stay in bed with this rocker. They can prop it up on the bed, chair, or sofa whenever they want to sway their crying baby with minimal movement.

23 Animal Socks

Just look at these—these animal socks are too cute to pass up. They're made from a stretchy organic cotton blend to keep baby warm and cozy.

24 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

The Eat & Grow high chair grows with the baby. It can convert itself into an infant high chair for feeding, a baby dining chair and tray, a toddler stand-alone chair, and eventually a "big kid" table and chair.

25 Neutral Baby Hamper Gift
Baby Box Shop

This hamper can be used on laundry days, but the gift is much more than a hamper. Inside it, the soon-to-be parents will find a bunch of other little presents like a teddy bear, bib, and booties.

26 Baby Wipes

If you're building your own gift basket, here's another item you can't forget—baby wipes. New parents will run through these faster than a pack of gum.

27 Squeaky Clean Kiddo Kit
Hello Bello

But, if you're a little too busy to make your own basket, throw this into a gift bag and you're good. Mom will love all the baby cleaning essentials in this kit from a body wash to baby wipes.

28 Baby Arrival Gift Set

Another gift set you can't go wrong with, this one from the Honest Company is one parents can use from the first day they bring their baby home. It includes hand sanitizer, baby balm, diaper rash cream, and more.

29 Blooming Bath Lotus
Blooming Bath

New parents won't ever forget their baby's first baths. Since the new bundle of joy won't be ready for tub time immediately, this flower pad can fit into any sink to safely cradle new babies when it's time to wash up.

30 Bitty Bundle of Joy

This is like a first-aid kit for new parents. It includes lots of unexpected items a parent might need to calm a fussy baby (besides milk!), including an all-natural gas passer to for gassy babies, a Nose Frida, useful for clearing up snotty babies, and even a baby manicure set.

31 Sherpa Baby Swaddle Blanket
Spotted Play
Now 23% off

You know that feeling you get when you wrap yourself up in a fuzzy sherpa blanket? Well, babies love that feeling, too. These fuzzy swaddling blankets are warm, soft, and lightweight enough to soothe a baby's skin.

32 Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set
Little Tinkers World
Now 18% off

Taking care of a baby's growing locks will be a whole lot easier with this brush and comb set. The brush is made of natural goat fur, so it's soft enough to prevent any irritation to a baby's scalp.

33 Welcome Baby Gift Set

Look on any baby's dresser, and you're likely to find some Aquaphor products on it. The versatile balm can be used for diaper rashes, to moisturize a baby's skin, and more. This gift set includes the brand's lotion, healing ointment, and body wash.

34 Soft Sink Baby Bath

This sink bath is perfect for babies who are a few months old. It fits into most sinks, is easily set up in two snaps, and features a quick-dry cushion to keep them cradled safely.

35 Newborn Baby Booties
D Darlyng & Co.

These adorable baby booties are spacey enough to layer tiny socks under them. They're also designed with elastic at the ankle to keep them from slipping off.

36 Baby Shoes
Tippy Tot Shoes

Soon enough, their baby will be upgrading from booties to shoes. You can think ahead by giving the new parents these shoes in addition to a few matching onesies.

37 Personalized Name Puzzle

This puzzle is so cute that it could even serve as decor in any nursery. But, what's even better about it is that once their baby is a little older, they can toy around with the letters, since it's also a real puzzle.

38 Baby Carrier

If one thing's certain, it's that any new parent will be spending lots of time carrying their baby. This carrier will help them become a master at multi-tasking. For parents using it outdoors, the carrier also comes with a hood that offers UPF sun protection.

39 Baby-Soothing Toy
Bubzi Co

This toy includes a sensor that's activated by the sound of a baby crying by playing soothing sounds and display calming lights for five minutes.

40 Hello Little One

This gift set—which includes items like a rattle, baby lotion, and cotton blend blanket—isn't just any gift set. Inside it, they'll find a QR code that will lead the new parents to a website where they can find your personalized gift message, a voice recording from you, and stories about the products included in the package.

41 Pro Smart Baby Monitor

For parents that want a live feed of their baby without the use of wearables the baby will have to keep on, this baby monitor is it. It uses patented sensor fusion technology that will alert them to changes in their baby's vitals or nursery conditions. It can also play lullabies and allow parents to talk to the baby even when they're not nearby.

42 Travel Stroller

Chances are, the new parents have a specific stroller on their registry, but if they don't, here's an option they'll love, since you can use the top part as a car seat. You can also recline it, break it down using one hand, and attach a removable tray with a cup holder.

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