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The Best Unique Gifts For Your Aunt Are These Ones She’ll *Actually* Use

These 40 all fit the bill.

best gifts for aunts

When you think about your aunt—the one who's related to you, or the mother-figure you call auntie—one thing's for sure: she's always got your back. She's the one who let you stay up past your bedtime when you were little, was always there to offer advice without judgment, and could always be talked into letting you have that extra scoop of ice cream (and sprinkles!) after dinner.

For all that and more, she deserves the best gift you can find for her this holiday season. Sure, it's impossible to wrap up something that tells her exactly how much she means to you, especially if you're running short on time, but you can still blow her away by getting her something she'll *actually* use every day.

To figure out just what that special gift is, consider what your aunt is really in to. If she loves her morning jog, try a chic windbreaker. Maybe she's always recommending new novels to you? You can't go wrong with this book subscription box. And if you're ready for the waterworks, this heart-shaped photo collage is about as sentimental as it gets.

Ultimately, though, you can rest easy knowing your aunt (or aunt-like cousin, family friend, etc.) will love whatever you gift her at the annual family holiday party—simply because it came from you. If you're still searching for the perfect present to get your honorary second mom, look no further than these 40 best gifts for your aunt in 2021.

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For The Nostalgic Aunt
Heart Collage Light-Up Frame
Shiny Alice

Compile all your favorite photos of you and your aunt (or the whole fam!) and she’ll be able to look back on those special moments together forever and ever.

For The Cocktail Lover
Classic Cocktail Sugar Cube Kit
Allison DeVane

The aunt who loves hitting up happy hour may just kiss your feet when she unwraps these. With flavored sugar cubes, she won't need any bartending skills to whip up a quick Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, or fancy Moscow Mule in a jiffy at home.

For The Charcuterie Board Lover
Personalized Charcuterie Board

This handmade and customizable wooden board is great for when your aunt is feeling ~fancy~. Pair it with her fave local cheeses and cured meats for a delish gift set.

For The Stylish Aunt
Gold Crystal Gemstone Dainty Wire Ring

These wire-wrapped rings are excellent for the stylish aunt. Snag one or several—she can stack 'em all. 

For The Proud Aunt
Aunt Life Dad Hat
Prfcto Lifestyle

Dad hats instantly lift anyone's cool factor—not that your aunt needs any help in that department. Still, she'll look totally badass sporting this cap. 

For The Fragrance Lover
Reed Diffuser
NEST Fragrances

This reed diffuser is refreshing, but the touch of lavender scent also adds a calming presence to any room—kind of how you feel after a long talk with your favorite relative.

For The Comforting Aunt
Ice Gel Pillow
Blu Sleep Products

Help her get some well-deserved rest after a day of auntie adventures with a comforting, supportive memory foam pillow. 

Plus, this one's infused with ice gel, so she'll feel as cool as a cucumber every time she gets into bed. 

For The Water Lover
Zen Buddha Fountain
Bits and Pieces

If your aunt adores the beach, kayak trips with your uncle on the river, or taking pictures by water falls, she's definitely happier when she's around H20. 

Gift her this soothing fountain, so she can be around her favorite element every single day. 

For The Rose Lover
Rose Tumbler

Ditch that plastic bottled water (and by ditch, I mean recycle it, please) for a cuter, more sustainable way to stay hydrated. 

For the aunt who loves the environment (almost) as much as you, this is a fun—and affordable—stocking stuffer. Don't forget to fill it with some of her fave candy!

For The Cheesy Aunt
Aunt Necklace
ShiQiao Spl
Now 13% off

This necklace will rest upon her heart—just like her loved ones. (Cheesy, I know!)

For The AirPods Fan
Protective Airpods Case

What they don't tell you when you buy AirPods is your new pastime will be searching for them in the bottom of your purse/backpack/gym bag. Give your aunt her time (and her sanity, tbh) back with this cute floral case.

For The Fashionable Techie
Crocodile Macbook Case

Your aunt will love opening her laptop everywhere just to show off her chic new crocodile Macbook case. Who knew electronics could make such a statement? 

For The Wine Glass Lover
Stemless Wine Glass

When this glass is in her hand, she's off duty. (Which is the best part of being an aunt, obvs.) Use this as a stocking stuffer, or pair with some wine for a complete gift.

For The Socially-Conscious Aunt
I'm Speaking Sweatshirt
Tee Hunt

Your aunt always told you to never let your voice be silenced. Show her you were listening all those years with a gift that supports our empowering VP Kamala Harris. 

For The Hip Aunt
Mandala Wall Hanging Tapestry
Bless International

Aunt, friend, and babysitter extraordinaire—she does it all. Let her know she's the cool, hip aunt you've always admired with this beautiful tapestry made with eco-friendly fabric.

For The Safe Stylish Aunt
Reusable Cloth Face Mask
Now 24% off

Even though wearing a mask is just habit at this point, that doesn't mean your aunt shouldn't be able to show off that she's got style and sass under that, well, mask.  

For The CBD Lover
Body Butter, Melt, And Bath Bomb Bundle
Happy Dance

After a hectic holiday season, this bath bomb-body butter-coconut melt trio will give her some well-deserved relaxing nights in. 

Kristen Bell's premium line of CBD products have a seriously heavenly scent she'll love indulging in.

Best Luxury Gift
Aphrodite Necklace

Here's a necklace she'll never hide away in her jewelry box. This minimal design embossed with goddess Aphrodite will only shine more light on all the beauty, grace, and love she already emanates.

For The Chef
11-in-1 Air Fryer Pressure Cooker
Instant Pot
Now 20% off

Help your auntie make the most of her kitchen counter space with this 11-in-1 Instant Pot. It does it all—stir fries, steams, slow cooks, sous vides, warm, roasts, bakes, broils, and even air fries. 

For The Statement Aunt
Old English Initial Necklace

Let your aunt know you're always thinking about her by getting you and her these matching necklaces. They're simple yet unique in their monogram shape. 

Best For The Busy, Healthy Aunt
Custom Gift Box
Daily Harvest

Good-tasting, healthy food on-the-go can be pretty pricey, so she'll definitely love you (even more) for introducing her to something new—and affordable!—to her routine. Daily Harvest is all about making it easier to consume as many fruits and vegetables as possible in the form of delicious bowls, smoothies, flatbreads, and more. 

Once you get her started with this custom box, she'll be obsessed. 

Best For The Hair Lover
Comb And Prewash Gift Set
Shaz And Kiks

I don't know if it's the pretty packaging, the handmade neem comb, or the fact that this is a sister-founded brand in honor of their grandmother, but what's not to love about this eco-friendly prewash-comb duo? 

Yep, your aunt will be asking the same thing with her newly-nourished locks.

For The Music Lover
Totally Wireless Earphones

You can't go wrong with a pair of wireless earphones, especially when they're top-rated ones from Beats. These come with a wireless charging case that offers more than 24 hours of listening time. 

Plus, they're noise-canceling and sweat-resistant, too.

Best For The Traveler
Brazilian Care Travel Set
Now 10% off

Complete with Sol de Janeiro's cult-favorite body cream, wash, and perfume, gone are the days of your jet-set aunt having to grab whatever pricey travel-size toiletries she can pick up at the airport. 

She'll totally fall in love with the cocoa scent (and, so will everyone she meets on her travels).

For The Writer
Heart Wood Journal

Whether your aunt is a doodler, bullet journal fan, or a list maker, she could always use another place to keep track of her (obviously, brilliant) thoughts.

For The Dog Mom
Dog Mom And Aunt Life Phone Case
Aunt and Dog Mom Funny Dog Lover Gifts

This adorable phone case promises a laugh, smile, and tons of compliments from her friends afterwards—three things this auntie could always use a bit more of in life.

For The Energy Boosting Aunt
Ketone Energy MCT Oil
Dr. Mercola
Now 20% off

Now, I’m not saying you should try to get your aunt to give up her coffee addiction, but for those days when she’s looking for a more natural boost, this oil is great for boosting mental clarity—and it's a great way to add healthy fats at breakfast time.

For The Outdoorsy Aunt
Windbreaker Hoodie
Now 43% off

If cold temps and rain can't keep your aunt from tackling her outdoor workouts, give her this stylish hoodie.  It's super durable, so it'll keep her dry no matter how dreary the weather is.

Best For The Chai Lover
Chai + Turmeric Latte Gift Set
One Stripe Chai

Help your aunt say goodbye to overpriced, inauthentically-made chai and turmeric lattes with these blends by One Stripe Chai. 

This kit comes in an adorable gift-ready box complete with a stainless steel sieve—she'll love inviting friends (including you!) over for tea time.

For The Home Decor Lover
Rustic Candle Holder

Add a pop of woody warmth to your aunt’s bookshelves, dining room table, or anywhere else that could use a little extra charm.

For The Bowl Lover
Home Matte Latte Set

Whether she fills them with jewelry, lattes, or popcorn for family movie night, I speak from experience when I say that if you have a bowl, you’ll find something to put in it. (Plus, they come in five different colors, so you can find the perfect set to match her style.)

For The Cheetah Print Lover
The Point

If your aunt's a fan of another famous aunt, Meghan Markle, then she needs a pair of these princess-approved shoes. Made from recycled water bottles, these flats don't just look good, they do good, too. 

And they come in various prints and five different styles (from a loafer to a round toe), so you can always find the perfect pair. 

For The Yogi Aunty
Combo Mat
Yoga Design Lab Anthropologie

Made from eco-friendly, biodegradable, recyclable, 100 percent natural tree rubber, this mat is designed to work for pretty much any workout class. Plus, the fun and bright pattern will step up any aunt's yoga game. 

For The Wings Lover
Wing Sauce Dispenser & 2-Pack of 1.5 Gallon Pouches

Your aunt throws the best parties, so help her out with some new hosting gear. A no mess wing sauce dispenser is perfect for hors d'oeuvres and finger foods. 

Although the dispenser Is holiday-themed, this bad boy can be pulled out again for her Super Bowl party, too. 

For The Relaxed Aunt
Jade Workout Set
Skin Gym

The five minutes your aunt will spend with her new jade roller will be the most relaxing five minutes of her day. Bonus: Tell her to pop it in the fridge for about a half-hour before use, and she'll be ready to let all her anxieties roll away.

For The Wall Frame Lover
Zoe Frame

One cute photo frame + some handmade art from a niece or nephew = the best aunt gift.

For The Bath Lover
CBD Botanic Bomb

Only you and your aunt know about those late night CBD sessions, so gift her this special experience for her to enjoy on her own this time. 

These botanic bombs are crafted with 100% organic hemp and fill any room with tons of lavender and amber. She'll be chilling in no time.

For The Meal Prep Lover
Ready, Set, Prep Apron
Women's Health

Is your aunt a meal-prep Queen? Keep her 'fits immaculate with this canvas apron. Besides—this little avo guy is so cute.

For The Bookworm
Call Number Book Subscription

For the aunt who loves to spend her free time curled up with a good book, there's nothing better than getting her next pick sent directly to her door. 

Curated by a librarian, this book club highlights Black literature and is delivered every three months. 

For The Gold Lover
Bespoke Gold Plate Adjustable Bracelet

Give your aunt a beautiful bracelet engraved with her initials or a special sentiment and she'll think of her favorite niece every time she looks at her wrist. 

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