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45 Best Gifts For Plant Lovers That Definitely Do Not Succ

Goodies for green thumbs, right this way!

plant gifts

This holiday season it's out with the crazy cat ladies and in with the crazy plant ladies. Being a proud plant parent is very much on trend these days, and I'm very much here for it (except I could use a little help with my bird's nest fern, tbh). I mean, these babies quite literally bring life and color to any space, so who wouldn't want to keep a hoard of them around when it's dreary and cold in the wintertime?

Maybe your BFF is botany-obsessed, or your mom always wants to show off your newest spider plant "sibling." Either way, odds are you have at least one plant lover in your life. And when their windowsills are already stocked with succulents, choosing the perfect gift for the holidays can feel a little thorny. But even though they've already got the standard-issue shears, gloves, pots, and planters galore, there's no reason to stop beleafin' (sorry, had to!) you'll find them a meaningful present to put under the tree.

Whether your plant-happy pal has a blossoming collection of indoor plants, a garden of perfectly-timed perennials, or a veritable salad station growing in their backyard (farm-to-table goals), you can totally help amp up their stash of gardening tools and toys. These truly unique finds are made just for the plant-obsessed—usually by the plant-obsessed.

From practical products that will help their botanical babies grow like, er, weeds, to a cactus humidifier that's far more comfy and cute than prickly, these 45 best gifts for plant lovers will definitely win you the position of Proud Plant Godparent.

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For The Dedicated Green Thumb
Bonsai Starter Kit
Planters' Choice
Now 39% off

Give your plant-loving pal this bonsai starter kit and she'll have everything she needs to grow four beautiful miniature trees. This kit comes 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed, so no worries if their green thumb suddenly turns black. 

For The Fun Guy
Shiitake Mushroom Log Kit
Uncommon Goods

Technically, mushrooms aren't plants, but that doesn't mean your green-thumbed bud won't be just as into growing 'em. After all, you can't spell "fungi" without "fun"! 

For The Homegrown Chef
Black Harvest Indoor Hydroponic Garden
Now 13% off

Keep her herb game going strong all year long with this indoor hydroponic garden she can use to cultivate basil, parsley, dill, thyme, Thai basil, and mint even when it's freezing outside. 

For Plant Watering Lovers
Plant Mister

Out with the watering can and in with the glass mister, like this undeniably beautiful one that will make any plant lover swoon.

Not only is it aesthetically appealing enough to earn a spot on the windowsill, but it's also totally practical, allowing the user to control how much she hydrates her botanical buds.

For The Candle Lover
Sage Lavender Chakra Candle
My Lumina

Filled with harmonious fragrances of sage and lavender, these natural soy wax candles will definitely light up your plant lover's life—even when they're not lit. 

For The Hands-On Gardener
Garden Tools Set

This 83-piece gardening tools set will ensure she has all the gear she needs to weed, prune, spray, and seed to her heart's content. Ergonomic handles make these hand tools easy to grip, too.

For The Micro-Greens Lover
Micro-Greens Growing Kit

Give the gift of fresh micro-greens like spicy daikon radish courtesy of this kit that makes indoor gardening a snap.

For Plant Sitters
Bernie Sanders Plant Marker

If you're always given the job of plant sitter when your friend goes out of town, it's time to pass that role on to Bernie. Your plant-loving pal will get a kick out of this one. 

For The Self Care Enthusiast
Bloom Adult Coloring Book

Coloring is seriously underrated, amirite? Your plant lover will dive into their creative side with each page of this book, choosing fun colors to fill all the patterns of her dream plants.

For The On-The-Go Gardener
Plant Lady Mug
Now 18% off

When they need to admire their plants on the go or pick out some new leafy loves at their fave greenhouse, this cute (and on brand!) tumbler filled with coffee or tea will keep them going.

For Rose Fans
Rose Black Tea
Art of Tea
Art of Tea

And to fill up their cup, why not embrace their love of flowers with this rose petal-infused black tea? It's pretty and delicious!

For The Bookworm
This Is Your Mind on Plants
Michael Pollan
Now 50% off

If the plant lover in your life is into allll kinds of plants with all kinds of properties, tuck this book into their gift bag. Michael Pollan explores psychoactive plants and unravels taboos associated with them. 

Intrigued? Yeah, you might wanna borrow this one after they've read it. 

For Natural Decor Lovers
Preserved Yarrow + Poppy Wreath

Gift them natural decor that will last with this preserved yarrow and poppy wreath. They'll appreciate how it brightens up their space any season of the year.

For Natural Haircare Enthusiasts
Split Ends Therapy Balm

If they love plants, they probably love when their beauty products are organic and honor Mother Nature as much as possible. Davroe's vegan balm heals split ends with the help of wild orange and white cypress extracts.

For Big Plant Lovers
Majestic Forest Bookends

Sure, their real plants already add so much to the home decor, but how beautiful are these wooden bookends? They'll pack even more big plant power into your pal's place.

For Farmer's Market Lovers
Botanical Tee
Vintage Flora Tees

A plant lover's happy place is at home among their plants, but their second happy place is def the farmer's market. They can wear this top on their next adventure buying fresh produce. 

For Pet-Friendly Planters
Peperomia Ginny
The Sill

Of course, you could always go with the obvious and give them a plant. (FYI: This plant is pet-friendly so you don't have to worry about their dog chomping away at it.)

For Self-Sufficient Gardeners
The Self-Sufficient Backyard: A Complete Guide to Start Your Own Sustainable Backyard Mini Farm, Kickstart Your Homestead Garden And Produce All the Food You Need Off the Grid

Plant lovers are all about living with nature (duh!). This book will complement their coexistence mindset and encourage their dreams of living among flora in their own backyard.

For Jewelry Lovers
Mint Green Succulent Earrings

Imagine how cute they'll look with these delightful li'l succulent earrings hanging from their lobes. 

For Lavender Lovers
Shower Eucalyptus Bundle with Lavender

Help your resident plant lover create their own home spa with a shower eucalyptus bundle featuring calming lavender. 

Shower heads have never been so luxurious.  

For Crafty Flower Lovers
Cut & Dry: The Modern Guide to Dried Flowers from Growing to Styling
Laurence King Publishing
Now 14% off

Dried flowers aren't just for making corsages for the high school prom—there's an art to preserving their beauty!

 Learning to grow, dry, and style them will help your friend enjoy their blooms all year long. 

For Skincare Enthusiasts
Botanical Facial Steam
The Sill

Add plants to their self-care routine with this botanical facial steam featuring calendula flowers, rose petals, and rosehip. 

For Animal Lovers
Elephant Watering Can
Bangerz Sunz

Um, how stinkin' cute is this elephant-themed watering can?! Green thumb meets ceramic trunk, and you won't beleaf the adorable results.

For Music Lovers
Wind Chimes
UpBlend Outdoors

Bring peaceful music to their garden with these wind chimes. Your plant-loving pal will be completely in the zen zone as they gaze at their babies and hear peaceful musical notes.

For Coffee Table Decor Lovers
Wild At Home
Hilton Carter
Now 32% off

A coffee table book is always a good gift idea, trust. Even better? A frond-focused read like this one, from plant and interior stylist Hilton Carter. 

Your BFF will definitely want to display this beaut—after digging through it herself, of course.

For Cactus Lovers
Cactus Socks
Now 23% off

What's up? Oh not much, just finding a pair of punny socks for my flora-obsessed friend. 

For Plant Quote Lovers
Kitchen Towel
Moonlight Makers

No reason why everything, yes, even the kitchen towels, shouldn't be on brand. 

Best For Grocery Shopping
Bad Plant Mom Tote

Okay, hear me out: Everyone has had that oh-crap-I-forgot-to-water-my-plants moment.

Level up your loved one's tote bag game with this tongue-in-cheek creation that's way cuter than a reusable shopping bag from TJ's she's been hauling around since college (no shade, buuuut).

For The Comfy Fashionista
Plant Mama Crewneck

Say it loud, say it proud, plant parents! 

For Coffee Lovers
Plant Lady Pot Mug

Morning coffee tastes even better with the company of your plant babies.  

For Plantaholics
Plantaholic Shirt
Botanist Bee

Show the green-thumbed pal in your life that you completely support their plant-shopping habit. 

A cute cotton tee like this one not only makes for a relaxed weekend look,  but also lets your giftee wear their heart on their sleeve chest. 

For The Wine Lover
Succulent Plant Cactus Wine Glasses
On The Rox Drinks

She'll enjoy sipping Chardonnay among her flowers with these cheeky stemless wine glasses that are sure to bring her a laugh. 

For Portable Drink Lovers
Succulent Plant Pattern Tumbler

Made of stainless steel, this insulated bottle boasts an ability to keep your bud's morning brew hot and water cold. Succ on that, plastic water bottles.

For The Minimalist
Hanging Shelf

Is your plant lover out of places to put her buds? A floating shelf adds a new home for a small succulent while doubling as a rustic-yet-minimal piece of decor. 

Best Office Desk Accessory
Cactus Humidifier

Clean air's never been so cute. Portable and super easy to use, this mini misting humidifier makes for a great office-desk mate or bedside-table buddy. 

For Earrings Lovers
Mini Monstera Earrings

Like a classic white tee or LBD, these dangling earrings go with any and every outfit. 

Plus, they're super lightweight—a major win because your lucky recipient will never want to take them off. 

Best Eco-Friendly Decor
Cork Hanging Planter

You heard it here first: Planters are the new bulletin boards. Your giftee will love this clean, handcrafted cork hanging planter to give one lucky succ of a b* a new home. 

For Keychain Lovers
Enamel Keychain

Perfect for your roomie who just keeps losing her keys (ugh), or a member of your frond-loving fam. 

This says, "I'm a Plant Person" wherever you go.  

For Plant Students
Free Plants for Everyone

Help your plant-loving friend or family member get really in the know when it comes to plants with this guide book packed with all these essential deets about growing, grafting, and germinating seeds.

Best For Organization
Leaf Jewelry Dish
mono living

This jewelry dish in the shape of the gorge monstera leaf is practical and easy to use. Plus, the glam combo of gold, silver and green make it an A+ addition to any bedroom decor. 

For Pencil Lovers
30 Catcus Ballpoint Pens

30 cactus pens sitting in a pot just looks plain cool. These pens promise to put a smile on any plant lover's face, no matter how many hours they've been sitting in that team meeting... 

For Poppy Lovers
Personalized Plant Card
Peace Poppies

For her to write your thank-you note on, duh!

For Neon Lovers
Leaf Neon Light

Sure, your BFF could just turn on the overhead lights when she gets home from work...or she could hit the switch on this fun neon light that'll brighten even the darkest of dreary winter nights. 

Plus, it fills the entire room with green-hued vibes, making it a total pro at setting the ~mood~.  

For Beginner Plant Parents
Don't Forget to Water the Plants Print
Libby VanderPloeg

Spend enough time scrolling through Instagram and you'll surely stumble across Libby VanderPloeg, the illustration phenom behind this practical and fun print that's perfect for every level of plant mom (but especially helpful for those beginner botanists).   

For Journal Lovers
Succulent Garden Journal

Help your bud keep track of how much their plants have grown and/or how they feel about their li'l botanical babes with this sweet succulent notebook. 

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