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62 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him 2022: Ideas For Every Boyfriend Or Husband

Most are under $50.

best valentine's day gifts for him
Christine Giordano

February may be one of the shortest months of the year, but it's got a *major* gift-giving holiday. Flowers and candy aside, picking the Valentine's Day present that'll make your S.O. swoon can totally take your relationship to the next level.

Don't get me wrong—it's not as easy as it looks in the movies. Finding the perfect gift for your partner can be a lot of pressure. If you're a brand-new couple, how do you know what he'll like? And how big of a present is, well, too big? Or, if you've been married for years, what do you get for the guy that already has everything (and how do you one-up your already amazing Christmas gift-giving game?).

Luckily, now there's an answer. This list truly has something for any guy, from the chef-in-training to the amateur photographer—and everyone in between. Snag a fitness tracker for your beau who's always at the gym, or treat him to a back and neck massager that's perfect for unwinding after a long day. Or, you can grab a thoughtful gift that will help you two make the best memories together, like an electric fondue pot that will level up any date night. (P.S. Don't worry. Your regular fresh flower delivery can just be the cherry on top.)

And, it gets better. Most of these gifts are super affordable, so you won't have to spend more than $50 for something that looks like it cost way more (jackpot!).

Look no further for 62 of the best romantic, thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for men.

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Best For Plant People
LED Indoor Herb Garden
Mindful Design

An indoor herb garden is every plant parent and chef's dream. Watch your plant babies grow together and when they're ready, make a romantic night of cooking with the fresh ingredients.

Best Personal Gift
'Little Things I Love About You' Book
Lil Big Hart

There's nothing like a good love letter, but this takes that up a notch by putting your most romantic words in a full-on book. This book is filled with prompts you can respond to with cute details about your S.O., making it extra personal.

Best For The Sexy Couple
Magic Babe Ball
Unbound Babes

Meet the magic eight ball's sexy cousin. Rather than telling the future, this dishes out a variety of 20 romantic, sexual commands. Let the games begin!

Best Gift For Indecisive Couples
The Couple's Bucket List
Flowjo Store

Fed up with the usual dinner dates and movie nights? This box has 100 unique date ideas to spice up your relationship and keep the spontaneity going for years to come.

Best For Memory Makers
Digital Instant Print Camera

Most instant cameras don't have a digital screen that'll make it easy to capture images. This one does just that, and for only $50, it's a total bargain. You'll love taking it on vacay together, then framing the pics to hang up when you get back.

Best For Pampering Your Partner
Aromatherapy Shower Steamers
Now 39% off

Upgrade your S.O.'s shower experience with these scented steamers. (And, if you like showering together, these will totally take things to the next level.)

Best Gift For Romantics
Message In A Bottle

What's better than one love note? Try 90! Each little pill in this jar is filled with a blank slip of paper. Fill them out with messages for your partner or things you love about them for the perfect personalized present.

Best Stylish Gift
Stainless Steel Watch
Now 32% off

A classic watch is a sure bet for any fashion-forward guy. This one has a sleek, minimalist look for a price that won't break the bank.

Best Gift For Relaxing Couples
Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set
Pure Daily Care store
Now 51% off

You're in for calm, relaxing nights when you stay over at your beau's place after getting them this aromatherapy diffuser set. It includes different scents for everything from sensual vibes to relaxing and energizing ones.

Best For Outdoor People
Picnic Basket Set

Surprise them with a picnic in the park using this adorable basket. It comes with everything from plates, cutlery, and napkins to a convenient carrying case—just fill it with his favorite takeout.

Best For The Techie
Charging Station
Hercules Tuff

If your partner has plenty of gadgets, he'll appreciate a charging station that can boost six of his devices at once. Plus, it's small enough to fit on a bedside table or a work-from-home desk.

Best For Pizza Lovers
Pizza Themed Date Night Box

Maybe you made memories over a pie, or your S.O. just really appreciates an extra-cheesy slice. Either way, this box will be a hit. It's a pizza-themed game that's perfect for your next date night and might actually bring you even closer together.

Best Gift For The Chocoholic
Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate Box
Now 12% off

A classic box of chocolates never fails, but this one from Godiva will win you major points with bae. Filled with the brand's fan favorites (Belgian hazelnut praline, dark chocolate ganache, and coconut fondant), just pair it with a bottle of wine for a romantic night in—and of course, they'll have to share.

Best For Beer Lovers
Freeze Beer Mug
Now 13% off

These insulated pint glasses are perfect for entertaining and are guaranteed to keep your boo's favorite brew ice cold for hours.

Best For Romantic Couples
Love Coupon Book
Saturdays Co.

This book of 20 coupons (plus three blank coupons) will help you two plan plenty of date nights for the rest of the year. From massages to no-phone days, these adorable cards cover basically everything.

Best For Forgetful People
Bluetooth Item Tracker

This is the most convenient gift you can possibly get. Can't reach your partner because they lost their phone? The Tile Pro will ring in to save the day.

Best Gift For The New Couple
Morning Person Sweatshirt
Women's Health Shop

It's hard to know what to get your S.O. if you're a brand new couple, but this sweatshirt is perfect if you're dating a morning person. It's just personal enough without being overly romantic if you're just not ready for that.

Best For Dessert People
Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Set
Now 15% off

Fondue for two? Yes, please. What's more romantic than feeding each other your favorite foods dipped in melted chocolate or cheese?

Best Gift For Active People
Fitbit Fitness Activity Tracker Watch

This edition of the Fitbit helps manage your activity while also delivering a light vibration when it senses you could take a few deep breaths. You'll have so much fun getting competitive about your step goals together.

Best For Lounging
Plush Fleece Hooded Bathrobe
Alexander Del Rossa
Now 17% off

This full length bathrobe is super comfy, whether he just wants to lounge at home or wear it after a romantic bath together. It'll also stop him from stealing yours whenever he comes over.

Best For Clean Freaks
Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Now 18% off

To someone who takes their clean floors seriously, a robot vacuum can be very, very sexy.

Best Gift For Breakfast-Loving Couples
Mini Hearts Waffle Maker
Waffle Wow!

This heart-filled waffle maker has Valentine's Day written all over it. You'll be pulling it out for all your years of special occasion breakfasts to come.

Best For Long-Distance Couples

The Lovebox is great for long-distance couples. Simply download the app on your smartphone, write or draw your message, and send it. Then, your partner can view it on the screen inside their box—and send you something in return.

Best For Artistic Couple
DIY Plaster Statue Molding Kit
Luna Bean Store
Now 30% off

This plaster molding kit is perfect for a fun DIY activity date. Get a little dirty (no pun intended) and create a statue you can preserve forever.

Best Gift For Cheesy Couples
Kissing Mugs Set
Blu Devil

One of the cheesiest gifts you can give your partner (and yourself!), this V-Day prezzie is really for the both of you to use together. Pair it with your favorite tea or coffee.

Best Gift For The Zen Couple
Yoga, Pilates, And Meditation Subscription

Couples who meditate together stay together. Gift them a subscription to Open, a platform that offers dozens of live and on-demand yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes.

Best Gift For The Bath-Loving Couple
Bath Bombs Gift Set

Gifting them an assorted set of bath bombs means you're really gifting them dozens of romantic baths in the future. Plus, these are made with ingredients that'll keep bae's skin extra soft post-bath.

Best Bathtub Caddy
Expandable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Pair the bath bombs with this bathtub caddy for a whole experience. Prop up your iPad to watch your fave show together, or just sip some wine and nibble on cheese as you soak.

Best Big Valentine's Day Gift
Five-Foot Giant Teddy Bear
Now 20% off

A human-sized teddy bear makes a serious statement. If you really want to have some fun with this, send it to their office or family's house to make the gift a whole, adorable show.

Best Recipe Book
Romantic Recipe Book
Running Press Adult
Now 46% off

Cancel your fancy dinner reservation and opt for a romantic evening at home with this Date Night cookbook—where else could you kiss the chef?

Best Gift For Snuggling Couples
Heated Electric Blanket

You can never have enough blankets at home, but this heated fleece blanket is what cuddling dreams were made of. And, don't worry—it has overheating protection to keep you safe as you snooze with bae.

Best Minimalistic Gift
Romantic Card
Sleazy Greetings

Another great idea for new couples, a cute and funny card is a thoughtful way to express yourself without going all out on a grand gesture or gift. When's the last time you got a handwritten love note?

Best For Photo Lovers
Love Picture Frame

Picture frames never go out of gifting style, but this one with a cute quote next to it takes the present up a notch. Print out one of those hilarious pictures you take of them while they're sleeping, or take the romantic route with a pic of the last vacay you took together. and slip it into this.

Best Gifted For The Bearded S.O.
Sandalwood Shaving Gift Set
The Art of Shaving

Technically, this luxe shaving kit's a gift for both of you. You'll love the way he feels (and smells!) during your next makeout sesh.

Best Sexy Gift
Sexy Satin Mini Teddy
Now 64% off

Lingerie is a total win-win—wearing it can bring out your most confident self, but your S.O. is also going to totally freak when you show up in bed with this satin lace teddy on.

Best For Long Distance Couples
Long Distance Relationship Pillow
Boston Creative Company

Long distance relationships suck, but this pillow will be the next best thing to being able to hold you IRL. Just don't forget to snag a matching one for yourself, too.

Best Gift For Mixologists
DIY Gin-Making Alcohol Infusion-Kit

A great gift for the mixologist in your life, they'll be whipping up scrumptious cocktails in no time with this set. The best part? You'll reap all the benefits of their newfound hobby.

Best For Coffee Lovers
Coffee and Espresso Machine

For all the coffee people out there (I know there are many of you!), this has to be the most functional gift you can buy. This Nespresso machine makes everything from espresso to lattes and coffee, and the set comes with its own milk frother. Your cozy mornings in just got a serious upgrade.

Best Gift For Whiskey Lovers
Whiskey Decanter Globe Set
Now 33% off

This decanter globe set is the most bougie thing on this list. It's great for a partner who has a taste for rich whiskey and globetrotting.

Best Gift For The Tequila Fan
Volcan De Mi Tierra Blanco Tequila

Whether your first date was at a tequila bar or you just know your S.O. is a major fan of the spirit, they'll be majorly impressed by this bottle of Volcán De Mi Tierra. Made with 100 percent blue Weber agave tequila, it was formulated by selecting the very best agave in Mexico.

Best For Workout Music Lovers
TREBLAB Z2 | Over Ear Workout Headphones
Now 25% off

If your bae enjoys heart-pumping music he can blast while at the gym, then these sweat-proof headphones are just about the best gift you can buy.

Best Floral Gift
Fresh Cut Flowers With Vase
Benchmark Bouquets

Fresh flowers are the go-to gift when you want to play it safe. but still want a gift that'll guarantee a smile. It'll definitely earn you a tag on their Insta story.

Best Massage Gift
Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

When you can't be there to massage your S.O. yourself, this back and neck massager will mimic your touch. It relieves sore muscles and stiffness with shiatsu rollers and soothing heat.

Best Gift For Connecting With Your Partner
Love Lingual Card Game

The Love Lingual card game includes 150 engaging conversation prompts to guide couples through bonding on a deeper level. It's a great way to up the amount of quality time you get together.

Best Gift For Art Collectors
Affectionate Couple Art Iron Sculpture
Now 10% off

An abstract iron sculpture like this one makes a wonderful gift they'll proudly display in a room that gets a lot of foot traffic. It may be under $40, but it looks like something you'd come across in any fancy shmancy museum.

Best For Lazy People
The Comfy Oversized Microfiber & Sherpa Wearable Blanket

Basically a hug in a sweatshirt, both of you could easily snuggle into this oversized, wearable blanket together. An Amazon bestseller, this hoodie has over 40,000 five-star reviews from cozy AF customers.

Best For People Who Love Music
Portable Bluetooth, Wireless Speaker
Now 23% off

A high-powered, high-quality speaker is bound to impress any music-loving or podcast-bingeing S.O. Whether in the shower, while working, road tripping, or even while falling asleep, this portable speaker will go with them everywhere.

Best Gift For The Francophile
Eiffel Tower Color Changing Night Light

Can't travel to the city of romance? Plan a theme night around it with these beautiful lights, pairing them with some French faves on a gorgeous charcuterie board.

Best For People Who Love Watching Movies
Old-Fashioned Popcorn Machine
Now 20% off

Your monthly (or weekly, or daily) movie nights just got a whole lot cooler with this adorable old-school popcorn machine. (But, don't worry—this one's just about a foot tall, so it won't interfere with your home decor vibe.)

Best For People Who Love Travelling
Wooden Vacation Shadow Box
Genie Crafts

PSA: You're never too old for a piggy bank. Take turns dropping your change or extra cash into this box, and when it's full, put the funds towards your next date night.

Best For On-The-Go People
Portable Phone Charger

There's always one person in every couple whose phone is constantly dying at the most inconvenient times. This portable charger is a great way to make sure their calls won't drop when they're calling you from the grocery store every minute.

Best For People Who Write
Vintage Writing Journal

A vintage journal always makes a great gift for the writer in your life, but this one's outfitted with special details that make it extra unique, like a beautiful leather binding and the tree of life engraved upon it.

Best Gift For The Dumpling Fan
Dumpling Making Kit

Nothing will likely beat the local dumpling shop you order from every week, but how fun will it be to learn how to make your own together with this kit? It's a super unique gift, and there's something really special about learning something new together.

Best For Beauty Enthusiasts
Quartz Roller & Gua Sha Set

You probably already upgraded their skincare routine, but this tool is going to take it to the next level. Their newly-chiseled jawline and cheekbones will thank you.

Best Gift For Dad
"Dad Juice" Whiskey Glass

If your S.O. is also the father of your children, they'll love this funny whiskey glass. Just don't forget to pair it with some of their favorite juice.

Best For Cologne Lovers
Luna Rossa Ocean Eau de Toilette

If his cologne collection takes up an entire shelf in your beauty closet, then you already know what to do. Give him another one he can swoon over.

Best Personalized Gift
Matching Custom Bracelets

Custom matching bracelets are great to gift to your partner, especially if you have cute nicknames for each other. You can also print an important date (your first kiss, first date) on it.

Best For People Who Love Weekend Trips
Travel Duffel Bag
Now 25% off

Does your partner constantly travel, or do you frequently travel together? Fill this foldable weekender bag with some of their favorite chocolates and liquor for an added bonus.

Best For Wine Lovers
The Original Wine Condoms

Get the best of both worlds with these wine condoms (is it getting hot yet?). Wine and sex are a great combo to use on special occasions. Your partner will love these (and, I think you will, too).

Best Coasters For Two
I Love You to The Moon and Back Coasters
P. Graham Dunn

Just like you and your partner, these coasters just mean so much more when they're together (aww). Pull them out only for your special wine nights in.

Best Gift For The Married Couple
Silicone Wedding Ring

A stylish, silicone wedding ring is a great supplement or replacement for the wedding band they continually take off whenever they work out or get in to the shower. They can save the real thing for special occasions.

Best Gift For Tie Lovers
Pink Satin Necktie

The satin fabric and pink color on this tie scream "Happy Valentine's Day." Don't be surprised if they put it on right away.

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