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40 Best Unique, Fun Long-Distance Relationship Gifts To Get Your Loved Ones

Aside from, you know, wrapping yourself in a big red bow.

long distance gifts
Christine Giordano

When you're in a long-distance relationship, every moment apart can feel like a lifetime. Sure, there's technology to keep us connected. (FaceTime = lifesaver.) Of course, nothing can truly replace the feeling of having your partner with you IRL. After all, kissing a phone under the covers just isn't the same.

If you can't be together physically, the right gift can quite possibly bring you two closer, emotionally. Being in an LDR is undoubtedly hard—you know having to skip out on fun double dates with your friends, being too far to hug it out when one of you is having a bad day...you get the gist. But, these gifts for you long-distance lovers can help when your partner's feeling sentimental, lonely, homesick, cheeky, mushy, or straight-up ~sultry~.

Even better? Nothing will beat the look of surprise and glee on your partner’s face (via video chat) when they unwrap what you got for them. You can even make a whole night of it. Light some candles, throw on your fave outfit, order food for one another, and have a romantic virtual date night as you unwrap each other's gifts.

So, if you need some inspo, check out this list of the best long-distance relationship gift ideas. These picks won't just remind your partner how lucky they are to have you in their life—even from afar, but many of them are also perf to gift yourself just because.

See below for the best long-distance relationship gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and more.

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Best Gift For Physical Touch
Long Distance Touch Bracelet Set
Uncommon Goods

These rechargeable, waterproof bracelets are the quickest, easiest way to stay on the same wavelength as your boyfriend or girlfriend. (It's rumored that Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello wore them to stay connected while touring.) Just touch the bracelet whenever you're thinking of your S.O. and theirs will light up and vibrate.

Best Gift For Journaling Couples
The Two of Us: A Three-Year Couples Journal
Now 26% off

It can be hard to sustain the romance when you can't have many shared experiences together, but this three year-long journal asks one question a day for you two to answer together. It'll be a special way to make an intimate moment for you to share every single day.

Best Gift For Mementos
Custom Engraved Wooden Gift Box
The Personalized Gift Company

Whether you’re packing some amazing gift inside this box or it's a special present on its own, remind your partner you're committed to making it work no matter how many states or oceans stand in between you two. You can even keep it simple by putting some chocolates inside.

Best Gift For No-Talk Communication
Wi-Fi Friendship Touch Lamps

If you've already bought the connective touch bracelets, you need these touch lamps to seal the deal. When you connect both lamps to Wi-Fi, all you need to do is touch the top for your special someone's lamp to light up in the color of your choice.

It's another piece you can stick by your bedside to feel like they're right there with you.

Best Gift For Couples Who Love Letters
Letters to Open When...
Chronicle Books
Now 19% off

If you’re both sappy, this time capsule prompt book will tug at every heart string you have. Each letter comes with a prompt and can be sealed into the book, so you can hand over a full set of pep talks, lovesick ramblings, and encouraging words all at once. Don't forget to include a tissue box—they'll need it!

Best Gift For Words Of Affirmation
Capsule Letters Message In a Bottle

If you need a daily “dose” of your S.O., try out these cute, little pill tabs complete with a hidden message inside. Fill them up with inside jokes, flirty zingers, and maybe some cute drawings, then hand off to your love for them to unwrap each day you’re apart.

Best Gift For Musical Couples
Personalized Song Album Cover

This brings “our song” to a whole new level. Choose you and your partner’s favorite tune and have it engraved onto this sleek acrylic tile. You can even add the Spotify scan code, so anyone who sees it can instantly listen. (Yourselves included.)

Best Gift For The Fit Couple
Inspire 2 Health & Fitness Tracker
Now 18% off

Just because you can't go to the gym together when you're separated doesn't mean you can't compete on who's getting more steps in every day. Grab one for each of you, and it'll give you something to do "together," even while apart.

Best Gift For Cooking Couples
9-Piece Pasta Starter Set, Cream

Yeahhhh, you can't exactly cook for each other from afar (sadly). But, you can send you and your S.O. a lil' homemade pasta-making kit and some other yummy sauces to have a virtual cooking class together, which tbh is probably the next best thing.

Best Gift For Star-Gazing Couples
Custom Star Map
DreamTree Prints

Even if you're not staring up at the same night sky (although, you technically are from different spots), you can gaze at a snapshot of the constellations based on an important date and time, like your anniversary or another special moment.

Best Gift For Travelers
Heating Neck Pillow
Aerobic Exercise

This neck-massaging travel pillow with heat is another savior for long flights, train rides, bus rides, or however you trek to meet up with your long-distance boo. It encircles your neck to give extra support and delivers heat right at the nape of the neck for added comfort.

Best For Game-Loving Couples
The Ultimate Game for Couples

Miss your IRL game nights? Get this one for your partner and have them take turns drawing a card for themselves and then for you. Each card has a mix of funny and deep questions to grow a deeper connection with one another (or at least expand your repertoire of inside jokes).

Best Gift For The Stressed Couples
Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set
Pure Daily Care
Now 20% off

It's no secret that scent is one of the strongest senses when it comes to evoking emotion and memories. Chances are, one of the ten essential oils this diffuser set comes with is bound to remind bae of you. Aw.

Best Gift For Book Lovers
Custom Printed Wooden Bookmark

If you're looking for a sentimental gift, this custom bookmark is a perfect choice. Choose a blend of some funny pics of them with sentimental shots of you two together.

Best Gift For Socks Lovers
Custom Photo Socks

Your bae can take you wherever their feet go with these custom face socks. Just upload any image of your face and it'll be printed into a pattern on the socks. Say cheese! Or should I say...feet?

Best Gift For Music Lovers
Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earphones

Make sure their roommate's loud music doesn't interrupt your next Zoom call by gifting your partner these wireless headphones. They offer up to 15 hours of listening time, so they can ask you about your day...all day.

Best Gift For Key-Losing Couples
Compass Keychain

Not that your bae isn't already thinking of you all day, everyday, but this keychain will make them do it even more. Plus, it's a great reminder that love knows no distance.

Best Gift For Home Chefs
Bamboo Recipe Box
Now 33% off

Sure, you might not be able to cook together at the moment, but this recipe box is the next best thing. Inside, you can store recipe cards with step-by-step instructions detailing your partner's favorite dishes.

They'll be able to whip them up your way, making it feel like you're not so far away.

Best Gift For Weekend Trips
Novel Duffel Bag

For long-distance couples who go back and forth on weekend trips, a durable duffle bag is a must. This one's made of sturdy material and has a separate side pocket for storing shoes. (Plus, they'll use it as a gym bag when they aren't traveling.)

Best For Tea Lovers
Stir Your Tea & Think of Me Spoon
Boston Creative Company

If your partner is a tea lover, gift them this cute little spoon with this gorgeous set of teas to remind them of you during their daily routine. Just a spoonful of sweetness, courtesy of you.

Best Gift For Couples Who Love Hugs
'Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me' Pillow Case
Oh, Susannah

Your long-distance partner in crime is sure to have sweet dreams (read: of you 😉) thanks to this super-soft sleep essential. The microfiber pillow case fits standard-size pillows and is the perfect reminder of your person when you climb into bed at night.

Best Gift For Watch Lovers
Slim Runway Black Watch
Michael Kors
Now 54% off

Your S.O. can count down the hours until you're together with this stylish watch. It features scratch-proof glass and is even water resistant up to 50 meters.

Best Gift For Couples Who Video Chat
Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

Perfect for all those long, late-night video chats, this popular phone stand (featuring 20,000 five-star Amazon reviews!) is sure to please your partner. It's compatible with just about any iPhone and most Android phones, too.

Best Gift For Cuddling Couples
The Original Girlfriend Pillow
The Original Girlfriend Pillow

Sure, you might not be there every night to spoon your S.O. as you'd both like, but that's where this bad boy (or girl, rather) comes in. The comfort of having you (boobs and all) by their side, even when miles apart, is priceless.

Best Gift For Candle Lovers
DREAMER in London Candle
Nomad Noé

With notes of firewood, tobacco, and vanilla, this candle's romantic aroma is like surrounding your S.O. with your love, and nothing's more priceless. This one is London-themed, but the brand offers scents inspired by other famous cities like Hangzhou, Esfahan, and more.

Best Gift For Poetry Lovers
Love Poems
New Directions Publishing Corporation
Now 13% off

Not much of a poet yourself? Give this gift to your special someone to help you put your feelings into words. They can read a poem a day at moments when they're missing you.

Best Gift For Couples Who Travel Together
Airbnb Gift Card

If you're with a practical person who's always handling travel arrangements, surprise them with an Airbnb gift card. It's a win-win gift for both of you because they'll use it, but you both get to snuggle up in a beachfront bungalow or cozy cabin together when all is said and done. 

Best Gift For Maple Syrup Lovers
Extra Rare Maple Syrup

So you can't have Sunday waffles together...womp womp. But you *can* schedule a virtual tasting complete with this cult-favorite maple syrup paired with an adorable mini waffle maker. It has a five-star rating on Amazon and more than 1,000 glowing reviews!

Best Gift For Coffee Lovers
Gourmet Coffee Sampler
Bean Box

If your S.O. has trouble getting out of bed in the morning without a cup of your homemade coffee (or you as their alarm clock), send them this coffee care package. They can try out a new cup each day—though nothing compares to yours, of course.

Best Gift For Fragrance Lovers
Boyfriend Rollerball Perfume
Kate Walsh

In case you're desperately missing the smell of your guy's flannels, buy this for yourself as a pick-me-up. Just roll it on your wrist and sniff the musky, woodsy BF scent to feel instantly better.

Best Gifts For Yoga Fans
Joot Mat
Full Ritual

For all those virtual yoga classes you've been doing together in spirit, this stylish, slip-proof mat is going to come in handy. It's made sustainably with non-toxic PVC and joot, so it's a purchase you can feel proud of, too.

Best Gift For Calendar Lovers
60-Day Count-Down Calendar
Creative Countdown

I know, and you know, and they know that you're counting down the days until you can reunite with your long-distance lover. This is just a formal way of doing so. The 60-day calendar fits right on your desk and has easy tear-off sheets for an extra dramatic unveiling each day.

Best Gift For Movie Lovers
eGift Card

How about a movie night? Send your S.O. a gift card and decide on the latest Prime release to watch over Zoom. Bonus points for making the same fancy popcorn recipe!

Best Gift For Photo Fans
Heart Crystal-Printed Photo

If a framed photo just doesn’t capture your ~essence~, make more of a statement with this customizable heart display. Grab the best pic of you and your person (you already know which one), and have it turned into this gorgeous display for your desk or bedside table.

Best Experience Gift
Little Coupon Book Sex Coupons
Unique & Crafty

For those of you out there who prefer an experiential gift, this is the one. Flip through the book for 24 different cheeky ideas to gift your partner when you reunite, including a meal prepared by a *naked chef* and some very exciting...er, positions.

Best Sexy Gift For Couples
Sexy Truth or Dare
Chronicle Books

When you're far away from each other, keeping date nights interesting can take a lot of work. This is where sexy truth or dare game comes in. Choose a truth-or-dare stick from the jar of kinky picks and answer one of the 100 prompts.

It's a great way of learning your S.O.'s fantasies, so you can please them even more the next time you're face-to-face.

Best Gift For Spontaneous Couples
Position of the Day Playbook
Chronicle Books

You can both study up on your moves before returning to the same zip code with this fun, creative playbook of sex positions. Or, you can create a game out of it and text your partner details about what page in the book you're on and have them guess to give them a few ideas for next time (wink).

Best Gift For International Relationships
Leather Passport Holder
Amazon Basics

If you're traveling internationally to see one another, this luxury passport case will take your adventures to the next level. Stash a cute note or pic of yourself inside for them to keep next to their passport at all times.

Best Low-Key Gift
I Love You Greeting Card
Aya Paper Co.

If you and bae are just not gift people, you're on a budget, or you've just been together so long that you've already gotten them everything, there's nothing better than the gift of your words.

Paired with this beautiful card printed on recycled paper, it's bound to earn a spot on their fridge after they're done tearing up over it.

Best For Adventurous Couples
We-Vibe Verge App Controlled Vibrating Cock Ring

With the We-Connect app, you get to do a sexy favor for your partner by controlling their cock ring from anywhere in the world. Play a part in your partner's solo time, or use it together during your next rendezvous.

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