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56 Best Thoughtful Gift Ideas Your Girlfriend Will Actually Love And Use

She’ll never know I did the work for you.

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Christine Giordano

Never underestimate the importance of a good gift—a physical token of appreciation can speak volumes about your love for and understanding of your partner. Even if it’s a small token, isn’t it nice to feel loved and know that your boo is thinking about you?

That said, when’s the last time you picked your girlfriend up a little something to let her know you’ve been thinking of her? Gift giving is not solely designated for the holidays, people! You can show your love for each other any day of the year. Even if you are the best partner in the world, a gift that your girlfriend will love and use will win you even more brownie points. And who doesn't want that?

Now, if you're looking to step up your gift-giving game—take a deep breath. Picking out the perfect present does not have to be stressful. In fact, it can be fun. Just close your eyes and think of all the things your girlfriend loves to do. Whether she prefers spending time in the great outdoors camping and chilling by the ocean, splurging on the latest makeup launches, listening to music, hitting the gym, or investing in trendy clothes and accessories, there's bound to be a gift on this list your girlfriend had no idea she truly needed in her life (just like you!).

Ahead, check out the 56 best gifts for your girlfriend. And feel free to grab a few to stash in the closet for "emergencies" (i.e. the anniversary of your first kiss that you totally remembered), too.

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Best For The Beauty-Obsessed
GloPRO® Facial Microneedling Discovery Set

Microneedling is all the rage rn, and if your girl is *beauty-obsessed* this is the perfect gift for her. She can enjoy this little tool for an extra boost of evening or morning TLC. This product promises firmer skin, and less visible pores after just 60 seconds of use per day, which is a game-changer for anyone.

Best For The Yogi
Yoga Blocks

Any yogi knows having blocks of your own at home is a treat. All the extra support for her favorite poses is essential as she grows in her practice. So, come in like prince or princess charming, with this adorable set.

Best For The Sweet Dreamer
Berry Sweet Set

This skincare brand is simply the best. These sleep masks will have your girlfriend feeling like the luscious queen she is. Plus, who doesn’t love a berry-flavored good night kiss?

Best For The Mindful Partner
Affirmation Cards

There’s nothing like some words of affirmation to make someone feel really special. That’s what makes this oracle deck so perfect. If the special lady in your life is in need of a little boost of bad b*tch energy, she can turn to her deck for beautiful words and soak in all the love from herself, and from you!

Best For The Snuggler
Faux Fur Weighted Blanket

This 15-pound weighted blanket will help calm her anxiety when she's feeling stressed while still making her house look super chic. The long fur on it is extra cozy.

For The Necklace Lover
Name Flower Necklace
Lam Hub Fong

This necklace is the perfect way to pay homage to your GF. You can get her name on a necklace for yourself, and gift her one with yours.

Best For The Chocaholic
Chocolate Club Subscription
Pure Heavenly

Sure, you could get her a box of chocolates, but getting a whole chocolate subscription delivered to her door every month is even better. Not only will she be greeted with tasty treats on the reg, but she'll get double the joy knowing there's less than 1 percent of refined sugar in every bar, too.

For The Cozy Vibe Lover
LED Twinkle Lights
Twinkle Star
Now 26% off

These warm white "twinkle" lights will set a romantic vibe anywhere in your girlfriend's place. Perfect for your nights in together.

For The Tea Lover
One-Touch Electric Kettle

Your tea-sipping girlfriend probably already has a basic kettle, but she may not have one as pretty and easy-to-use as this one designed by Drew Barrymore. It's going to look amazing on their kitchen counter.

For The Winter Weather Lover
Lightweight Heated Vest
Now 18% off

If your girlfriend loves to go outdoors during the cold winter months for hikes, cross country skiing, or snowboarding, she needs this battery-operated heated vest that'll keep her warm in the elements. High-tech and comfy—what more can you ask for?!

For The Homebody
Faux Fur Slides

Hey, you can be comfy and chic at the same time. These faux fur slippers will keep your lady's feet warm, relaxed, and fancy AF.

Best For The Music Lover
Apple AirPods Pro
Now 21% off

AirPods are one of the most popular accessories of the decade, and if your GF doesn't already own a pair, they totally have this on their wish list (even if they haven't told you).

For The Game Night Lover
Magnetic Folding Chess Set

Looking for ways to switch up game night? Chess is a fun game to play as a couple, especially because you can always leave it and come back.

For The Beach Lover
Pop Up Beach Tent

If your GF is a beach bum, she'll appreciate this pop-up beach tent she can set up during a long day in the sun to catch a nap or eat a snack in the shade.

Best For The Ambitious Girlfriend
Wonder Woman Hardcover Lined Journal
Now 36% off

This passion journal from Hallmark will help your girlfriend plan out her amazing projects and reflect on accomplishments from the past. When she's not conquering the world, she'll love nostalgically looking back on her previous ideas.

For Late Night Wash Days
Midnight Pleated Sleep Turban

If your girl loves showering at night, she'll love this pleated sleep turban. She can sleep peacefully without wet strands of hair sticking to her face (and yours!). The turban comes in a bunch of fun colors, too.

For The Bracelet Lover
The Imafidon Bracelet
Oma The Label

With its vintage feel and gold color, this bracelet will dress up any of your GF's fits. Thick chains are super trendy rn.

For The Workout Fanatic
Align Leggings
Now 13% off

Whether your girlfriend is into spin classes or CrossFit, these high-waisted leggings beloved by Women's Health editors can withstand any type of workout without riding up. She'll love the buttery soft feel of Lululemon's most iconic leggings.

For The Home Chef
Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven
Amazon Basics

If she found her way to your heart through your stomach, this high quality dutch oven will make her the happiest cook in the kitchen this year. And, she'll just have to cook some of her most special dishes to thank you.

For The Juicer
Slow Juicer
Now 41% off

This juicer is certainly an investment, but it's the perfect gift if your girlfriend is always going on juice runs. Green juice, here she comes!

Best For The Haircare Fan
Bond Maintenance Set

Your GF's hair will thank you for this gift, which features Olaplex's best-selling kit, including their No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner.

Best Gift For Cocktail Lovers
Premium Cocktail Maker

Give your love the gift of feeling like an expert mixologist with the push of a button. Fill the bottles with your favorite liquor, insert a cocktail pod, and select your strength (from “mocktail” to “strong”) and you’ll have your favorite drink poured in seconds.

For The Scent Lover
Poppy Issues by Snif

Snif exclusively sells genderless scents that can be easily layered or worn alone to create a unique smell just for your GF. The best part? You can share with her, too.

Best Oprah-Loved Gift
Women of Change Bath Balm Gift Set

Straight from Oprah's 2021 list of favorite things, this set comes with five delicious-smelling bath balms. The packaging features the faces of Rosa Parks, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Frida Kahlo, Amelia Earhart, and Maya Angelou (each one comes with a fridge magnet, too!).

Plus, the company is dedicated to hiring women in recovery, people with disabilities, and those who need a second chance.

For The Flower Lover
Pink Orchids
Plants & Blooms Shop
Now 12% off

Who knew you could order gorgeous, fresh flowers on Amazon? Take traditional flower delivery up a notch with a simple and elegant orchid.

For The Sneakerhead
White High Tops

This classic design makes these sneakers so universal you'll want to cop a pair for yourself.

They'll have a standing spot in her shoe closet forever.

Best for the crystal-lover.
Black Tourmaline Necklace

This unique piece from True Warrior Jewelry will be a guaranteed score with your girl. The necklace features a black tourmaline pendant which is known as a protective stone. And when you tell her it comes from a woman-owned company, you’ll get even more kudos.

Best For The Sunglasses Lover
Erika Round Sunglasses

These classic Ray-Bans have so much swag...your GF will be stuntin'. They are super sleek and cool—just like her (aw!).

Best For Humidifier Lovers
Quiet Humidifier
Pure Enrichment
Now 25% off

Your girlfriend will love this humidifier to keep the air hydrated wherever she chooses. This one doesn't release any visible mist or steam, and also makes zero noise.

Best For Curly-Haired Girlfriends
On-The-Go Hair Care Kit
Pattern By Tracee Ellis Ross
Now 32% off

Your GF will be obsessed with this trio from Tracee Ellis Ross's haircare brand PATTERN, featuring everything she'll need to keep her curls looking just as good as Tracee's on-the-go.

Best For The Home Workout Lover
Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor
Sunny Health & Fitness
Now 40% off

For your cardio queen, this rowing machine will allow her to get her sweat on from the comfort of home. She can take tons of classes with top trainers by pairing the bike with the MyCloud Fitness app, too.

For Hoop Earring Lovers
Mini Hoop Earrings

These simple and stylish mini hoop earrings are the perfect outfit staple that your girlfriend will never want to leave home without.

For The Facial Lover
Microcurrent Home Skin Smoothing Device
Now 31% off

Why not bring the esthetician to your facial-obsessed friend? This microcurrent device is a powerful one that offers different settings to sculpt the face, encourage smooth skin, and kill acne-causing bacteria.

For The Mountain Lover
Mountain Tapestry

This gorg tapestry paints a peaceful scene of mountains, forest, and a relaxing sunset that will turn your girlfriend's place into a nature oasis.

It makes a great housewarming gift, too.

For The Massage Lover
Jade Roller & Gua Sha Facial Tool

Help your gal indulge in a little R+R with this uplifting facial massager. It's a great tool to help her relieve tension from her face and will definitely become a staple in her beauty routine.

For The Airpods Lover
Marble Gold AirPods Case

If she has a pair of AirPods that tend to go MIA, this is the most stylish way to keep her from freaking out every other day she thinks she lost her fave earbuds. The trendy case has a reflective gold lining that'll make it easy to spot in any purse.

For The Ayurveda Lover
Jasmine Body Oil
Soma Ayurveidc

If your girlfriend loves Ayurveda but has never tried some of Soma Ayurvedic's most popular product, you need to get her this body oil stat. TBH, the sexy scent is a win for everyone.

For The Bronzed Beauty
Ambient Lighting Palette

If your girlfriend is looking for a complexion palette that can do it all, this is the one you should grab for her. It airbrushes skin, so it looks even in every kind of lighting. It also can be used to highlight, contour, bronze, and blush the entire face.

This palette is guaranteed to make her gorgeous glow even more beautiful (yes, you can feel free to use that line).

Best For The Small Business Supporter
Small Business Gift Card

All of us are doing our part in wanting to support more small businesses nowadays, and Dumpling makes that easier and more fun. It's an online grocery store that sources from small businesses, so she can shop knowing she's doing good for her community, too.

For The Plant Lover
Plant Gift Card
The Sill

If your girlfriend has a green thumb, The Sill gift card is sure to make her smile. She can pick out different plants to add to her ever-growing collection of plant babies, or she can stock up on planters for her next trip to the local nursery.

For The Skincare Lover
Evening Skin Kit
Drunk Elephant

Whether she's interested in transitioning to a clean skincare routine or she's simply on-the-go all the time, she'll be happy to get these minis from cult-favorite skincare brand Drunk Elephant.

The set includes everything she needs to prep her skin for some beauty sleep.

For The Dog Mom
Memory Foam Orthopedic Dog Bed

Who says pet supplies can't become part of home decor? This luxurious dog bed isn't just pretty—it's also made with orthopedic memory foam that'll show just how much you care for her favorite furry friend.

For The Statement Piece Lover
Monstera Earrings
Serendipitous Project

If your girlfriend loves to wear chunky or statement piece-type jewelry, then these earrings will be a hit. They feature fine gold and green agate with luminous pearls.

For The Birthstone Queen
14K White Gold Plated Birthstone Ring

A great way to show you put some thought into a gift is by getting her a piece of jewelry with her birthstone on it. (If you're not sure, just ask Google what it is based on her birthday.)

For The Camping Lover
Sundome Tent

If you and your GF love to go camping, this tent is a great pick for your next adventure. It can fit up to four people (double date?) and is super easy to set up.

For The Latte Lover
Super Green Latte
Kola Goodies

Even the most devoted latte addict hasn't tried this unique Sri Lankan superfood drink. The founder designed this blend in homage of the drink her mom used to make her growing up.

How adorable is that?

For The Unique Fashionista
Embroidered Phoenix Velvet Mules
No 19

Beautifully embroidered, these velvet mules are ultra luxurious and unique—perfect for your very chic, equally unique girl.

For The Astrology Lover
Sorry I Can’t. Mercury Is In Retrograde Sweatshirt
Women's Health

This crewneck is bound to get a laugh out of your girl (and everyone who sees her in it). Bonus points if you pair it with some tarot cards.

Best For The Tech lover
Blue Light Glasses
Women's Health

Who doesn't love spending hours scrolling through Insta or binging some movies? If your lady loves her tech, but not all the insomnia and headaches that come with it, she'll love these stylish blue light glasses that are said to reduce headaches and increase quality of sleep.

Best For The Home Decor Lover
Portable Pearl Night Light

Whether she needs it for her WFH setup or wants something cute to bring along for a trip together, this portable light is super versatile.

The shiny gold and pearlescent pink is eye-catching but still neutral, and the ceramic shell is both trendy and subtle.

51 Home Office Lap Desk

What better way to show you endorse her affinity for working from bed! The cushioned bottom will keep her super comfy, and it even comes with a phone stand so she won't even have to lean over to check texts—now that's luxury.

For The Spice Lover
Hot Sauce Variety Collection

Stock up her kitchen with these mild, medium, and hot flavors to keep things spicy.

For Ring Lovers
Adornmonde Tanner Love Signet Ring

Tell your GF you love her with this modern twist on the signet ring. You can choose one of four 'love' engravings to show her how you really feel. (How cute!)

For The Pasta Lover
Pasta and Noodle Maker Plus
Philips Kitchen Appliances

If your girl is a whiz in the kitchen, she'll love playing with this pasta-making machine. Bonus: DIY spaghetti makes for a fun date night idea, too.

For The Disney Fan
Disney+ Subscription

Are you the kind of couple who constantly finds yourselves rewatching Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars movies? Then you should definitely look into gifting your girlfriend a Disney+ membership.

She'll have a year's worth of binging all of her childhood favorites—and as long as you bring the popcorn, you're obviously invited, too!

For The GF Who Loves To Learn
Masterclass Gift Card

She can take cooking classes, become a master interior designer, pick up photography, and so much more. It's a gift that has so many options, and she'll be excited to learn a new skill.

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