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‘I Tried Marisa Tomei's Favorite CBD Body Serum—Here’s What Happened’

Goodbye, dry skin.

cbd serum marisa tomei uses
Christine Giordano / Andi Breitowich

With the inconsistent weather and the changing of seasons, my skin has been tired, dry, dull, and less than glowing. My legs, in particular, were in critical need of moisture, and knee surgery and a clumsy childhood have left me decorated in scars.

So, when Marisa Tomei recently shared her minimalist skincare routine with Vogue, I knew I had to try the Lord Jones Bump & Smooth CBD Body Serum she swears by for myself.

This CBD-infused serum is known for its hydrating qualities, and promises to reveal visibly brighter skin, reduce bumps, and improve skin texture.

Bump + Smooth CBD Body Serum
Lord Jones sephora.com

Before I give my thoughts on the product, let’s discuss serums for a sec. A serum is not a moisturizer, but actually a highly concentrated formula that’s designed to sink directly into your skin.

This Lord Jones CBD body serum contains AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), BHAs (beta hydroxy acids), and 200mg of CBD. While AHAs and BHAs exfoliate your skin by removing cells to smooth and brighten, CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

While the Lord Jones product is labeled a serum, it actually looks and feels more like a lightweight lotion. The semi-creamy formula absorbs almost immediately (no sticky residue!) and is best used post-shower so it glides on smoothly and evenly. The serum is also practically odorless, and as someone who is sensitive to scent, that was another win.

Lord Jones recommends using the Bump & Smooth Serum twice a week, so you can count on the product lasting you a while. And for $60 a bottle, I can confirm it's a worthy purchase, with the fast and noticeable results.

lord jones cbd serum
Christine Giordano / Andi Breitowich

Here are my honest thoughts: I typically used one pump per leg (quality over quantity), and after three weeks, I started to notice a difference. My legs definitely felt smoother and my skin seemed nourished thanks to the boost of hydration.

I also used the serum a few times immediately after shaving my legs. I won't lie, it did slightly sting post shave, but my razor bumps have significantly reduced and my ingrown hairs are slowly starting to disappear.

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I know it takes time to totally eliminate ingrowns, but I can tell this serum has already started working its magic and I. Am. Here. For. It. The slight sting is honestly worth it because my legs feel softer and look smoother.

Since the serum is said to deliver non-abrasive chemical exfoliation due to its AHAs and BHAs, I also treated my arms and elbows to a little illumination love. It easily absorbed (it was not greasy and didn’t stick to my clothes), leaving my skin brighter and with a subtle glow. My skin felt calmed, refreshed, and hydrated.

Bottom line: Marisa Tomei did not steer us in the wrong direction and this CBD body serum definitely passed the test.

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