Jessica Alba And Cash Warren Were Destined To Have A Future Together, Says Astrology

But that hasn't always made things easy.

cash warren and jessica alba
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Jessica Alba and Cash Warren couldn’t have known they’d fall in love on the set of The Fantastic Four in 2004, but it was always meant to be, according to astrology. When Jessica starred in the film and Cash was a production assistant, it’s likely they felt a strong bond almost instantly, as if they just knew they could trust the other. Not an uncommon sensation for two earth signs, says intuitive astrologer Rachel Lang.

"Jessica and Cash have very compatible astrology," says Lang. "Jessica’s Taurus Sun and Cash’s Capricorn Sun mean they’re able to stay committed and grounded in love. These are two earth signs, and earth is the element that relates to our physical experience on earth— what feels good, tastes good, and makes practical sense."

Now, the Honest Company founder and producer are raising three children together. Jessica’s said how different life after children is, but still, she and Cash make time for romance. After about two years, Jessica says they started to feel like roommates. "You're just going through the motions. You have the responsibilities; it's a lot of, like, checking the boxes, right?" she said on the Before, During, and After podcast last year. But they committed to weekly date nights—admittedly, they don’t always happen, but they’re putting in the work.

"It's a life journey," she said, "and if you're both every day deciding to do it, it's gonna work out, regardless of the drama, regardless of anything that happens."

With her moon sign in Aquarius at a favorable angle from Cash’s Juno—a small planet that rules marriage, a long future together is in the cards, says Lang. "The two likely went into the relationship with a sense that there would be a future for them," she explains. "There’s nothing flaky about this couple, individually or together, and trust is a crucial component in their relationship."

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Ahead, Lang analyzes the couple’s birth charts and explains how Jessica and Cash always have and likely will continue to make it work.

Jessica and Cash's planet placements make loving each other feel easy.

"Cash’s Capricorn Mercury, Sun, and Mars fall within Jessica’s fifth house of romance, and I’d guess they know how to keep the sparks flying," says Lang. "They know how to relax and enjoy one another."

Cash's planets in Jessica's fifth house also mean they both prioritize their families. A great thing considering they're destined to share a purpose. "Cash’s Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is conjunct Jessica’s North Node in Leo," explains Lang. That means they're helping each other fulfill their destinies. "This is a spiritual connection that feels like a past-life connection. They are attuned to one another," says Lang.

Mars, the Sun, and Pluto bring the passion.

Cash’s Mars and Sun are at a 90-degree angle from Jessica’s Pluto. This means there are power struggles in the relationship, says Lang, but (and this is a big BUT) in this case, it's a good thing...usually. "This is one of those hot, steamy aspects in a synastry chart," says Lang. "It’s important for the couple to allow one another to grow, change, and evolve. This aspect indicates passion, but sometimes, it’s too hot."

Their emotions are regulated thanks to the moon, which rules a person's emotions and home life. Cash's is in Gemini and Jessica's is in Aquarius—two air signs. "They don’t lack conversation topics," says Lang.

Pluto's 2020 placement made things tough, but the couple made it through.

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According to their birth charts, in 2020, Pluto was conjuct Cash's Mars, "the fighter planet," says Lang. "And this could have indicated some tension in the home life, especially with Cash having more restless energy and a shorter fuse."

This year, however, "freedom-loving Uranus is conjunct Jessica’s Venus," Lang explains, and it will be for the rest of 2022. It's likely they're coming out on the other side of some challenges. Once they're through it, Lang anticipates "some incredible new beginnings, which could mean a big move or the possibility of building a home."

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