What Brooklyn Beckham And Nicola Peltz's Body Language Reveals About Their Marriage

The way they hold hands says a lot.

brooklyn beckham and nicola anne peltz
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Newlyweds Nicola Anne Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham wear each other’s wisdom teeth around their necks. In a Vogue beauty secrets video, the actress and daughter of billionaire Nelson Peltz described having her then-fiancé’s tooth plated in gold and having the same done to her own for Brooklyn to wear. (Thankfully, Nicola’s mom had stored her daughter’s tooth in her closet five years prior.)

"All of our wisdom stuck in a tooth," she said holding the pendant up to the camera.

This is actually one the of the few specifics the couple’s shared about each other. Most everything else has come in the form of simple-yet-doting Instagram captions calling themselves lucky for knowing the other and posting photos featuring tattoos of the other’s name.

And, of course, their lavish Palm Beach wedding in April offered another glimpse at their love while it was all glitzed up and dripping in diamonds. The event took place at the Peltz family home two years after Brooklyn proposed—the couple started dating only nine months before that. Perhaps it was all that wisdom, but as they say, when you know, you know.

The couple’s got a really good thing going, according to body language expert Karen Donaldson, who analyzed the couple’s body language over the last three years and determined what each gesture means for their new marriage. Sure, the teeth necklaces and social media posts tell you how into each other they are, but it’s their harder-to-read mannerisms that depict exactly how they express their love.

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1 Brooklyn's as taken by Nicola today as he was when they first met.
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"In this image, Brooklyn's entire face is engaged and consumed with giving Nicola a kiss on the cheek," says Donaldson. His body is fully turned toward hers and his eyes are closed. "This can signal the high level of romantic feelings he has for Nicola. It’s telling us that he’s enamored by her."

Nicola, Donaldson says, maintains her pose but she leans to her right and tilts her face upward to receive Brooklyn's kiss. "She is aiming to maintain her composure, but can’t resist her partner," explains Donaldson.

2 Brooklyn looks out for Nicola if and when she needs it.
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Donaldson points out the ways Nicola steps with intention and doesn't look back. She has a goal, and she's walking toward it.

Perhaps this is something she can do confidently because she knows someone who cares for her is looking out for her. "Brooklyn stays behind fixing and picking up her scarf," says Donaldson This, she explains, shows Brooklyn's the caregiving type—especially when it comes to his wife.

3 They're at ease when they're together.
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Stepping forward with the same leg says a lot. When couples do it, it means they've got similar goals for the future and they're working together to meet them.

Now, walking ahead of someone has meaning, too. "Brooklyn is taking the lead, as we see him a stride or two ahead of Nicola, his hand is also the one on top as they hold hands," says Donaldson. "This is a protective stance. Brooklyn is in protector mode as he walks with Nicola down the street."

How they hold hands is just as telling. "Their fingers are interlocked which showcases a deeper connection (an increase in the skin to skin contact)," Donaldson adds.

4 They're good on the intimacy front.
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"Brooklyn has his legs crossed towards Nicola and is leaning into her personal space," says Donaldson. "You will also see that he places his hand across Nicola’s leg—in her intimate space."

While Nicola's poised and sitting very upright, she welcomes Brooklyn's arm across her lap. "The cluster of gestures tells us that they have a high level of intimacy," Donaldson adds.

5 Their connection runs deep.
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Even while surrounded by people and cameras at The Met Gala, Nicola and Brooklyn show each other tenderness in subtle ways.

"This is a paparazzi-type pose," says Donaldson, but "as Nicola stands in a regal manner, you will also see that the back of her right shoulder is touching Brooklyn." She leans on him to maintain that physical connection. "This tells us they desire to be close at all times, no matter what is going on," Donaldson adds.

"Brooklyn stands at ease, and his hand is placed on Nicola’s waist," she continues. "This could signal a few things, including wanting to bring her closer, a protective gesture, or a 'she is mine' gesture—" all good signs for the newlyweds.

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